Globechain is an online reuse platform that connects businesses, charities and people to enable them to reuse unwanted items within a global supply chain network creating a waste audit and social impact value for members.

Our aim is to create a local supply chain within a global community to enable the redistribution of goods to social causes rather than landfill.

Globechain wants to encourage innovation via reuse, recycling and upcycling items amongst its members to create social, economic and environmental good in a simple, fun and convenient way for all.

We have over 10,000 members ranging from corporates, charities, schools & universities, social enterprises, start-ups and individuals in industry sectors ranging from retail, banking, fashion, food, construction, education and health.

Many businesses, organisations and individuals struggle with what to do with unwanted or redundant items in their day to day businesses and life. What exactly to do, who to reach out to, who to be connected to - all in terms of offloading or disposing of items and materials, much of which is usable for wanting organisations or people. It becomes an ongoing issue, concern and challenge. Globechain can provide the solution to this by offering a convenient, easy to use platform whereby you only connect with members that truly want the items and are motivated by the possibilities it can create.